Sunday, August 16, 2009

AFK For a Week

We're away this week, so you'll have to pick your own vegetables if you want any. Here's what's available:

- squash (just a few)
- cucumbers (those long skinny burpless ones)
- okra (bring scissors or a knife if you want some)
- green tomatoes. Please don't pick these dry. I want some red ones in about a month. Try to leave at least 6 tomatoes per plant. Thanks!
- jalapenos
- yellow and orange bell peppers. I haven't been spraying them, so they are probably bugtastically nasty. They can be found in the weed covered northeast corner of the garden if you are adventurous.

Have a great week!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We're down for a while because this part of the summer is too hot to grow much. But call if you want okra or jalapeno peppers. We'll have lots of them until we get a frost in Nov/Dec.