Saturday, October 16, 2010


-There's a good bit of sweet corn in the garden. the ears are smaller than summer corn, but they taste great. Pull your own, first come, first serve (we already took the best ears :))
-Mustard greens
-green onions
-turnip greens
-green tomatoes. The tomatoes aren't going to live long enough to turn red. Anyone who wants green tomatoes, take as many as you like. We don't eat them.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Out of Town - Help Yourself

It's cold! I'm leaving for a week, but Carol will still be here. She probably won't pick anything for you though. Women, huh? Anyway, you are welcome to as much as you want of:

-green onions (aka scallions) the shovel is by the pumphouse - please return it when done
-mustard greens
-turnip greens only
-butter beans
-tomatoes (san marzano only... they're only good for cooking with - please don't take the green ones)
-yellow squash
-okra - if you don't mind, pick every pod you can find or else it will stop producing. Thanks!