Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/22/09 Stuff Available

- Tomatoes - They're tasty, but a bit bug bitten. I sprayed the crap out of them and think I've got the bugs beat. The good ones should start showing up around Oct 1. Until then, we've got a few dozen ugly tomatoes that taste good. DO NOT pick your own tomatoes right now without calling us. They may be covered with pesticide.

- Green beans (pyo)
- Okra
- Cucumbers
- Mustard greens
- Kohlrabi
- Southern peas (pyo)
- Orange bell peppers (pyo)
- Jalapeno peppers (pyo)

Also, feel free to pick the wild tomatillos that are all over the garden. Or, if you're feeling nice, yank the damned things up :).

(pyo=pick your own. These are plants that we don't generally spray, unless you see the sign.)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


-Red and green tomatoes - as many as anyone can use. A few purple ones as well!
-Some kind of weird gourd. You're supposed to be able to make 'loofas' out of them.
-Pink-eye purple-hull peas. You must pick your own. Don't worry, it's fun (ha!)
-English (aka seedless aka burpless aka armenian) cucumbers
-Weeds. Not weed. Weeds. We've got a lot of them.
-Chinese long beans.